Thursday 15 December 2011

Sinaloa: Ahome deputy found dead, and Guamuchil erupts in gunfire

A deputy of the Attorney General (Procuraduría General de Justicia del estado de Sinaloa, or PRG) from Ahome, Sinaloa, was  found dead late in the evening of December 14 in the municipal pantheon in Navolato, Sinaloa, located about 25 kilometres west of Culiacán, the state capital.

Alfredo Vázquez Navarro was found in his underwear and covered in a green blanket. 

On Saturday afternoon, armed men intercepted Vázquez Navarro when he was driving with his wife in her car in Culiacan. His wife, also an employee of the State Delegation of the PGR, was released minutes later.

In related news, in the early hours of December 15th rival groups fought it out in the downtown streets of Guamuchil, Sinaloa, 100 kilometers north off Culiacán, leaving one man dead and two women injured.

A report from the Attorney General of the Sinaloa said the shooting occurred between 3:30 a.m. and 5:00 a.m. Several homes and vehicles were hit by stray bullets.

The weapons used were high caliber assault rifles – Barrett, AK-47, AR-15 – and 9 mm pistols.  The gunfight left four homes and at least five vehicles riddled with bullets.

Initial investigations indicate that the confrontation occurred outside number 86, Uruguay and Julian Saldana Street in the La Gloria neighborhood. Apparently, at least ten vehicles showed up in front of the house and started shooting, killing an unidentified man inside.

As stray bullets flew a young girl, asleep in her bedroom near the street, was shot twice.

News reports stated that elements of different law enforcement agencies, as well as the military, rushed to the scene. However, there have been no reports of any arrests.

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