Wednesday 18 December 2013

Liberals looking for digital professionals to crop out English

With the offending quote!
The Liberal Party of Canada is now cropping English out of photographs.

In an email blast, in English and in French, as part of its hunt for “five new digital professionals across our engagement, analytics and digital operations departments” the party has used the same photograph twice – but the English version included a quote from the Scots writer Andrew Lang, which was then cropped out of the French version.

Friday 13 December 2013

Bus from Bucerias to Tepic held up

A Pacifico bus
On Wednesday, December 11, the Pacifico bus from Bucerias (north of Puerto Vallarta) to Tepic was held up. There were no injuries or arrests.

The bus left Bucerias at 7:15 a.m. without incident. It made it safely past Las Varas, the last stop before Compostela. However, halfway between Las Varas and Compostela two men pulled out guns and proceeded to rob the passengers.

Thursday 12 December 2013

Shootout rattles tourist zone in Mazatlan, Mexico

Under control?
When authorities in Mazatlan, Mexico, heard last Saturday that armed men were holed up in an upscale house only a few meters off of Avenida Camarón Sábalo, near the Pacific resort town’s tourist zone, they sprang into action, with the city’s municipal cops attending the scene.

(For more recent news see Mazatlan's carnival marred by shooting in Plazuela Machado).

However, the occupants, who allegedly formed part of a car theft ring, weren’t about to leave peacefully. They opened fire on the local officers – it was about 2:30 in the afternoon – resulting in a  brief gunfight.

Wednesday 11 December 2013

Paul Martin calls new Trudeau supporters “brave”

A brave young Liberal jumpin for Justin?
In a recent fundraising email from the Liberal Party of Canada, former Liberal Prime Minister Paul Martin references “6,309 Liberals – including 1,619 brave first time contributors.”

Why is a first time contributor to the Liberal Party “brave”? Apparently, it requires courage to give money to support Justin Trudeau, though La politica would suggest the better term would be “reckless”.

Monday 9 December 2013

Trudeau dodges healthcare question in Dinner With Justin

Dorothy loves Justin
It is not often that a political party gets so drunk on its own Kool-Aid that it produces a promotional video of its candidate ducking questions. Yet, as a testament of sorts to how bizarre the Justin Trudeau phenomenon has become, that is exactly what the Liberal Party of Canada has just done.

In the most recent Dinner With Justin video the winner, Dorothy, is a retired registered nurse. She says she is “passionate about healthcare”.

Cue guitar...

Saturday 7 December 2013

The Liberal Party of Canada’s frightening Borg video

Not the Liberal logo
The Liberal Party of Canada has come out with a disturbing new English-language video titled “Our Priorities for 2014.”

Hosted by Katie Telford, the Liberal’s National Campaign Co-Chair, the eight minute video claims to provide an in-depth look at the priorities that are driving the Liberal Party’s strategy for 2014. 

Telford specifically says that the Liberals have been thinking about what is required to “build for success” and to “build for a better Canada.” She mentions the importance of a great team, as well as next year’s policy platform and convention but then defers, saying “that is what we usually talk about”. (In fact, policy is the last thing Justin Trudeau talks about, but that is perhaps because he better than anyone knows the Liberal Party’s real priorities as spelled out by Telford).

Sunday 1 December 2013

Canadian Bruce Vigfusson’s year in a Mexican jail

Bruce Vigfusson
Canada’s central role in the global mining boom has meant that more Canadians are working in countries where they are at high risk of getting dragged into some serious trouble. That seems to be the case with Canadian Bruce Vigfusson, 43, who has been in jail in northern Mexico since September, 2012.

(For a more recent update on Mr. Vigfusson's death, see: Canadian Bruce Vigfusson dies in custody in Mexico, and also
Embassy suspends visits to Canadian jailed in Mexico).

Vigfusson, who has worked as a surface driller for the Canadian firms G4 Drilling and Teck, as well as a local Mexican company, Itzcoaltl Drilling and Services, is now serving a four and a half year sentence in Mexico for assault.

“Bruce Vigfusson was already in Mexico when he started to work for us,” Robert Daigle, director of G4 Drilling Mexico, tells La politica. “He worked for us from April 27, 2011, until April 13, 2012.”

According to Mr. Daigle, after that Mr. Vigfusson went to work for Teck, where he didn’t last very long, and then to Itzcoaltl Drilling and Services.