Wednesday 14 December 2011

Four students from a high school in Guadalajara, Mexico, have disappeared

Students attending “preparatoria número 8”, a feeder school for the University of Guadalajara, have gone missing, as has one of their parents. The University itself has denounced the disappearances.

All five have been missing since failing to return home last Friday, December 9.

In a press release, the University expressed its outrage and concern, while at the same time demanding that the authorities locate, as soon as possible, the missing students and parent. 

The University also demanded an explanation of the “reprehensible acts”, clearly alluding to the fact that it assumes the students and parent have met with foul play. The press release further stated that evidence existed of armed groups operating with impunity, and that the authorities have done nothing to address the problem.

The University of Guadalajara further stated that it would provide the families of missing persons and members of School 8 its full support, as well as any required advice.

The release ended with the director of School No. 8, the Director of the School Education System, and the Board of Regents strongly demanding immediate action by the authorities.

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