Wednesday 14 December 2011

Body found at Student Federation of University of Guadalajara

Mexico’s Reforma has reported that at least one body has been found as part of an ongoing investigation in the building that houses the Guadalajara Students Federation.

The body was buried in an area near the handball court. Sources close to the investigation were unsure whether or not there were other bodies, though investigators are looking in a cistern to see if there are more human remains.

No one is presently in custody, and the building was empty when the investigation commenced. Reforma noted that this was odd, as usually there are dozens of students in the building in the evenings.

The investigation is being led by Department of the State Attorney General of Jalisco. It began last night (December 13), and was conducted under a search warrant.

The name of the victim, as well as a motive for the murder, has not been revealed.

However, family and friends of four students missing since Friday went to the vicinity of the Student Federation building to see if they could find their missing loved ones.

María del Rosario Guerrero, grandmother of a 16-year-old student at the University of Guadalajara Preparatory School 8, said her grandson has not come home since last Friday.

She said that her grandson, along with three others and the father of one of the students, came to the Student Federation building to inquire of about lowering the fees charged for working in food stalls located on Calle Carlos Pereira, where the building is located.

She further stated that two people mentioned that they were at the the premises last Friday, and when they left the five people were still there.

Relatives of at least another two young men came to inquire. They then decided to move on to the offices of the State Attorney to inquire about their relatives.

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