Saturday 2 March 2013

Two bodies found outside of Jocotepec

The bodies were found near the red marker
At 7 am on Thursday, February 28, police received a report of two bodies dumped by the road near the town of Jocotepec, on the western shores of Lake Chapala, in the state of Jalisco, Mexico.

The bodies were found "encobijadas" – wrapped in blankets – a common method of disposal by organized crime in Mexico. They were of a man and a woman and were left above the hamlet of Crucero Potrerillos on Highway 15, which links Guadalajara to Tizapán Alto on the lake’s southern shore.

The man has variously been described as dark complexioned and “swarthy”, and the woman as “white”. The blankets were plaid and the bodies were tied at the neck and ankles with a white lasso.
The crime scene

After the bodies were discovered members of the Municipal Public Security Bureau arrived at the scene, after which a prosecutor from the State Attorney General’s office arrived, as did investigators from Jalisco’s   Institute of Forensic Sciences. Both victims were then taken to the morgue in Ocotlan.

As of this report no names have been released, and there have been no arrests.

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