Monday 4 February 2013

Tiger kills trainer at circus in Mexico

A sad day at the circus

A show by the Suárez Brothers Circus (Circo Hermanos Suárez) in Etchojoa, southwest Sonora, ended tragically yesterday when a tiger attacked and killed its trainer.

The trainer, Alex Crispín Suarez, 35, appeared to be fully in control as he circled two tigers from behind. However, one of them spun and jumped, clawing him on the neck and dragging him.

Suarez Crispin was rushed to a hospital in nearby Huatabampo, where he succumbed to his wounds.

In a YouTube video of the attack, the big cat first claws at the trainer’s trousers, then brings him to the ground. Two people rush to defend him, hitting the animal with chairs.

The audience initially broke into screams, then, in shock, left the tent.

The circus had been in town for five days. Local officials are now checking to see if the Suárez Brothers had the correct permits.

Exotic animal care is poorly regulated in Mexico, if at all. Only a few days previous, a lion owned by a politician in Veracruz was on the loose before being found in a warehouse.

A link to the video is provided below:


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