Saturday 8 August 2015

Tom Mulcair: “We love our chances here in Peterborough”

Thomas Mulcair and Peterborough-Kawartha candidate Dave Nickle
Thomas Mulcair came to Peterborough, Ontario, on August 7th, the day after the first debates.

He advised his assembled supporters to talk up the NDP’s $15 a day childcare plan, and to remind “friends and neighbours” that “quality, affordable childcare is just one election away.”

Here is a video of his brief comments - audible despite people initially yelling that his microphone was off.

Mulcair fielded questions on the debates, essentially saying that he will participate in further debates, with the condition that the Prime Minister attend.

He was also asked about the fact that sovereignty was debated without the presence of Gilles Duceppe, and reiterated his view that all leaders should participate - in both official languages.

Some choice quotes:

“The NDP is the only party to have a a clear commitment to put back all of the funding cut by the Conservatives to the CBC. Stephen Harper cut $115 million in funding to the CBC. I love it when the Liberals talk about that and rail against it. We get to remind them that they cut three times that – they cut almost $450 million when they were in power. We deserve a strong public broadcaster that will be there in the public interest.”

“Let’s ask Stephen Harper to accept the invitation from the consortium and take part in those debates.”

“[Stephen Harper] is the only Prime Minister in Canadian history, [who] when you ask him about the recession during his mandate, he says ‘Which one?’”

“I think Elizabeth May contributed a lot to last night’s debate”

“We want to give a tax break to small and medium size businesses, which create about 80% of new jobs in this country.”

After promoting his childcare plan he stated that, “Instead of helping middle class families Stephen Harper has actually made it tougher for them in Canada."

“We love our chances here in Peterborough," he said. "The conservative track record…is something that makes people here really desire change for the better.”

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